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Chainsaw Sculptress Lisa Foster

Lisa competes all over the country at Fairs, Festivals, Arts & Crafts Shows and Fund Raising Events.  The carving demonstration, below, took place in July 2007 at Logger Days in Darby Montana.

My name is Lisa Foster, I have been interested in sculpting, painting, any form of art since a child. Eleven years ago I was admiring a wood sculpted bench and wanted to make one myself. To my surprise it was made with a chainsaw. I spoke with the artist and he gave me a few lessons. I have not put the saw down since.

I entered competitions to learn more skills, and was awed by the creations my new friends had made and mine myself. I enjoy competitions to push myself further mentally as an artist. I also am a member of the Chainsaw Chix for the last 6 years. It is an all female international team were we compete and make performance art at a high rate of speed and we like to call it "Fullthrottle".

I have been a self-employed carver 6 months since starting sculpting 11 years ago. I enjoy traveling to shows and competitions, meeting new people, creating art for sale and custom orders.



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